WhatsApp becoming the most widely used applications of Android users worldwide

The users of smartphones, has been ascertained instant short messaging application installed. Lots of applications of this message, and the most popular one of them is Whatsapp. Very simple, easy to use, multi-platform, full power became’re application of this message.

Based on the latest report released by similiar site, WhatsApp becoming the most widely used applications of Android users worldwide.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (27/05/2016), WhatsApp became the favorite apps Android users in 109 countries. That amount covers half of the total 187 countries surveyed, namely 55.6 percent.

Some countries with the highest WhatsApp users include Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia. In addition, WhatsApp users also spread in the countries of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Furthermore, in the second order is made by Facebook Messenger app. This app is most popular in 49 countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

As for other chat applications appeared to have distribution in some specific countries. One of them is Line, which was a huge success in Japan, other than in Thailand and Turkmenistan.

Likewise with KakaoTalk who succeeded in making South Korea the only country most users of the application.

Not much different, Viber application also seized control of the countries of Eastern Europe. This application manages to be the most popular apps in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and surrounding countries. Other countries also use Viber is Iraq, Libya, and Sri Lanka.