Voice recorder technology is not only for journalists

The world of technology continues to grow rapidly. Media storage to support the advancement of technology also further enlarge its capacity. All sorts of objects can already be converted to digital and can be stored in the storage media. This time it will discuss the voice recorder, has now been developed for various purposes, ranging from entertainment to the investigation of the case law.
For news journalist, sound recording from multiple sources that will be processed to become a news, technology utilizes digital voice recorders is to help facilitate the work of a news journalist. Comparing with the previous period in which the journalist is always synonymous with a pen and paper, keep records of all the events and what they say sources. Not infrequently if they must lose their stationery cause news is damaged or missing.
Some of the benefits gained journalist in using the digital voice recorder:

  1.  Flexible, devices used are very compact, small size so as to facilitate the mobility of a journalist
  2.  Efficient, because it does not use stationery that is more efficient and practical. In terms of cost is also very frugal. In the delivery of information much more quickly.
  3. Secure, the information obtained is stored in a storage medium and very safe from damage or lost, when compared to using stationery
  4. Practically, the digital voice recorder will make it easier to convert voice into text. This feature is very much in demand by journalists, because they do not have to retype the information they can. Journalists just do a little editing on the news narrative of the results of voice conversion into text.

Sound recording data stored in the server for security and voice quality. Maybe there will be a fee for the rental of storage media, but it is not a problem because the value of the information stored is much more expensive.
Besides being used for business and professional purposes, digital voice recorder has also been used in the house – a modern home. Typically used for voice mail recorder or mail box to the automatic telephone answering machine.
If developed will be a lot of business ideas arise from the development of data processing this digital voice recorder.