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Benefits Of ComeChat That Will Make Your Website No Longer Quiet

Think about breaking the silence of your website that somehow makes you wonder whether you have visitors or not, a reliable chat application is essential and ComeChat sounds like a great idea for any website owners. Though those who visit your site is also displayed on your traffic report, still it can be compared with such a view where there many visitors come and stay on your website. So, how this chat application brings impact toward the crowdednes of your website? Obviously, it is through the features that become part of the software system. Not to mention that this chat application has seamless integration with some popular software like dolphin and more.

The features which are offered, it is one of a kind. Take a look to video conference and video call, this feature allows users from different places to experience a real conversation without border. While video conference is for any users who want to join the conversation through video, video call is more discreet like sharing your thought and so on, thence you can do it with ease. Text chat is another feature, however what your users will get, it is not merely common text chat.

Apart from each users can have easy access toward huge option for the smiley icons and also stickers that will enhance the way users communicate with another users. If you meet users from different country with different language, or else if the same thing occurs with each user that visit your website it is not a problem anymore as the software system is equip with translator tool. Additionally, users can share certain file in a form of photos, documents, or various others without any hassle. Chat with Facebook friend using this chat application is not a daunting task, also when it comes Gtalk.

The reason why this chat application is there at its marketplace is to ensure that users have distinctive experience while visiting to certain website, that is why the software system provides provide its users addictive game that is built-in to the website where they can choose between single player or multi-player for the game. Obviously the more people who join the game, it will add more challenge and extra fun. However, it is also great to play the game alone while waiting other users to come and play, or you play the game while waiting reply from other users. Depend on your website needs and your budget, make sure that you choose the right plan for the chat application.

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WhatsApp becoming the most widely used applications of Android users worldwide

The users of smartphones, has been ascertained instant short messaging application installed. Lots of applications of this message, and the most popular one of them is Whatsapp. Very simple, easy to use, multi-platform, full power became’re application of this message.

Based on the latest report released by similiar site, WhatsApp becoming the most widely used applications of Android users worldwide.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (27/05/2016), WhatsApp became the favorite apps Android users in 109 countries. That amount covers half of the total 187 countries surveyed, namely 55.6 percent.

Some countries with the highest WhatsApp users include Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia. In addition, WhatsApp users also spread in the countries of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Furthermore, in the second order is made by Facebook Messenger app. This app is most popular in 49 countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

As for other chat applications appeared to have distribution in some specific countries. One of them is Line, which was a huge success in Japan, other than in Thailand and Turkmenistan.

Likewise with KakaoTalk who succeeded in making South Korea the only country most users of the application.

Not much different, Viber application also seized control of the countries of Eastern Europe. This application manages to be the most popular apps in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and surrounding countries. Other countries also use Viber is Iraq, Libya, and Sri Lanka.

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Facebook users, attention four things that must be avoided

Facebook actually is a social networking service. That means, you are free to share stories, holiday photos, or simply share stories anything in the service.

However, because of the “occupied” as well as by many other users, surely you can not be too freely express themselves on Facebook.

The people who inhabit friends on your Facebook account would have their own ideas, how to read and enjoy different. They could have been offended or disturbed the status that is not fair.

Order status or news that you uploaded was transformed to be a nuisance, we recommend the following four things you should avoid at Facebook:

  1. Excessive intimacy

Falling in love is wonderful. Occasionally show the love that the couple is certainly good, if it is done on the spot and at the appropriate levels.

You would never find a friend Facebook uploading pictures intimate at 9.00pm, and then uploading photos of other intimate at 9:00 am, and so on for a few hours in a day.

Because the frequency is too frequent, obviously it would be quite disturbing. Therefore, it helps reduce the frequency of this kind of post.

If you want to continue doing so, the best advice is to simply share a post of this kind with her lover alone.


  1. Broadcast game invitation

Playing games with social concept is fun. Examples Candy Crush that let players send a request for help to his friend.

Every now and then, especially when both are playing the game, please request an invitation will be fun. After all, we can also send you back and continue the game.

In fact, not everyone playing Candy Crush or other social games. There are also people who just want to enjoy Facebook without interruption and demand game like that just annoy them.

We recommend sorting the delivery request an invitation to play the game. Simply send in people who both play and stop sending randomly.

For those of you who want to reject the invitation to play the game automatically,


  1. So the campaign tools too often

Have you ever opened up and find a full status of your status, photos, or links writing insults or praise the candidate and the leader of a particular political party?

This condition usually appears before the general elections. Facebook friends who had been silent, suddenly became chatty and meet your status with insults and praise it.

Conditions like this is not fun. Because Facebook that had been used for communication and entertainment, instead turned into a campaign tool.

If it supports a particular political stance, should do with the fair in the real world. No need to upload support or lashing in a row on Facebook. No need to change your account so your campaign machine.


  1. Too many upload your child’s photo

Various behavior is cute and adorable babies. But do not let you upload too many photos of your child, how funny whatever it is.

Do not consider this as a prohibition to upload your child’s photo. A peck enough levels. You do not need to shoot every second baby activities and upload them to the online album.

Not everyone can enjoy the photo album, and certainly there are bored when it appearing every day.

As a variation, try documentation of how the changes you are a student or a student being a father or mother to the children.


Source: www.digitaltrends.com

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