Something Big Is Happening In The Field Of Hair Cloning Research!

Something big is happening is the Hair Restoration industry. Recent advances in Hair Cloning research are promising to provide a bright future and a head of hair once again.

Hair loss is something most men, and some women experience through different stages of their life. It can be hard to deal with it as it gravely effects your self esteem and self confidence. Aside from the obvious cosmetic reasons which play a major role in our society and the way one project on himself, hair loss is also tied to a feeling of premature aging and that of a youth that slips away in a rapid, uncontrolled manner.
With hair loss becoming more widespread these days, so is the drive to find a better solution to the problem.
One promising technique in the industry of hair restoration, is a field called Hair Cloning.

Hair cloning is a combination of different methods, designed to become the ultimate solution for hair loss and completely replace the existing method of hair transplants. The methods are still being developed, however there have been recent advances and numerous success stories which are looking extremely promising:

1. The American company Follica is advancing the research into an incredible discovery that following a cut to the skin, it is possible to alter the repair cells to perform other tasks in addition to healing the cut, such as the triggering the formation of new hair follicles.

2. The American company ARI has finished phase I and started phase II of their research. ARI is considered the leading company in the research for hair cloning technology. Their method includes taking a single hair, and multiplying it in a lab so that it is possible to generate new hair follicles to be transplanted in the masses, with virtually unlimited hair density.

3. Acell has successfully developed a regenerative medicine with MatriStem MicroMatrix patent. It is claimed to be the first successful hair cloning technique and we expect details to follow soon.

A lot of people are waiting for the new technology and we really can’t blame them as it is now nearly at reach and the advantages are huge. To name a few, in contrast to hair transplants, hair cloning is expected to become very cheap over the long run as less staff is involved in the process. It is also set to be less invasive and not leave a scar as there is no longer a need to harvest more than a few single hairs. Like hair transplants, it would be resistant to future hair loss as the DHT resistant hairs from the back of your head are used, and most importantly, IT WILL GIVE FANTASTIC RESULTS WITH VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED HAIR DENSITY.

Expect the very best, it is coming sooner or later and it is set to begin in late 2012!

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